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SSD Drives

The HP 70 Modular Smart Array enclosure is a 2U Serial Attach SCSI (SAS) disk drive storage enclosure supporting 2.5 inch SAS , SSD and SATA drives. This enclosure delivers industry-leading data performance, availability, storage density, and upgradeability to meet customer's demanding and growing storage needs. This enclosure is designed to support 2.5 inch SFF Small form factors Drives .

The MSA70 enclosure supports direct attach storage (DAS) to HP ProLiant and Integrity Servers. The MSA70 supports the cascading of shelves in a 1+1 configuration to allow a maximum of 50 drives in a 4U configuration behind each of the two external ports on the HP Smart Array P800, the HP Smart Array E500, the HP Smart Array P411, the HP Smart Array P212 or the P812 Controller for a total of 100 drives in 4 enclosures (a single controller port incorporates four lanes for a total max throughput of 12Gb/s for SAS). 

The HP 70 Modular Smart Array is an end-to-end flexible storage array, offering data availability, enhanced reliability, enhanced performance and tiered storage capability with SAS , SSD and SATA drives and investment protection. Manage your small and midrange business growing storage needs by deploying this low cost, flexible tiered storage system

The modular, scalable design of the MSA70 provides a flexible platform allowing you to buy what is needed today and purchase additional capacity as data storage needs grow, instead of making a large up-front investment. Additional drives and enclosures can be easily added as customer needs dictate without extra management charges as needs grow. For Small businesses, it is a stepping stone to simplify capacity expansion of HP ProLiant and HP Integrity Server environments to external storage without having to make the full move to SAN or NAS. For fast growing Small or Medium businesses MSA70 can scale to multiple TBytes, by adding additional drive bays. Configuration and setup is easy with HP Array Configuration Utility (ACU). ​

2.5" SAS and SATA
SAS Controller / Cable
Option 1 to 2
HP StorageWorks Storage

Upgrade Options :

Add 300Gb 10K SAS 2.5" HDD $60 
Add 600Gb 10K SAS 2.5" HDD $80
Add 900Gb 10K SAS 2.5" HDD $100
Add 900Gb 10K SAS 2.5" NEW HDD $120
​Add 1.2Tb 10K SAS 2.5" NEW HDD $200
Add 1.8Tb 10K SAS 2.5" NEW HDD $300
Add 500Gb 7.2K SATA 2.5" HDD $60
Add 1Tb 7.2K SATA 2.5" HDD $80

Add 250Gb NEW SSD Drive $100
Add 500Gb NEW SSD Drive $150
Add 1Tb NEW SSD Drive $200
Add 2Tb NEW SSD Drive $350
Add 4Tb NEW SSD Drive $750
Add 480Gb Enterprise NEW SSD Drive $250
Add 960Gb Enterprise NEW SSD Drive $350
Add 1.92Tb Enterprise NEW SSD Drive $700​

External SAS Cable $40
​HP P212 External SAS Controller Card $70
Railings $70

HP StorageWorks MSA70 Specs Deatail

Direct Attached Storage Enclosure 

Modular Smart Array 

Support up to 100Tb Storage 25 X 4Tb 
Support 2.5" Hard Drives
Support SAS , SSD and SATA HDD
25 X 2.5" Hard Drive Bays
NO Hard Drive is included
2 X Redundant Power Supplies
3U Rackmount Size

Railings not included 
Manufacturer Specs Sheet : 
Click Here 
6 Months Hardware Replacement Warranty 

​upto 3 Years Extended Warranty is available

​Software , Licence , Subscription , Accessories not included
​​All Products are off-Leased / Refurbished other than stated NEW