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Welcome to the Delta Server Store parts department. We make parts search and purchasing quick and easy. we  are just a phone call away. reliable Original and Replacement  parts , the industry's best products. 

We carry NEW and Used Hard Drive Caddies , Xeon Processors , Heatsink , ECC Server RAM ,

Power Supply Units , FAN , Railings and Server RACK .
If you're looking for refurbished or used Server parts, you're at the right place , You're at Delta Server Store. Our goal at Delta Server Store is to provide innovative smart IT solutions at cost effective price.

Server Tray

Hard Drive Caddy / Tray
Dell 2.5"  Hard Drive Tray           $20each
Dell 3.5"  Hard Drive Tray           $20each
IBM 2.5" Hard Drive Tray            $20each
IBM 3.5" Hard Drive Tray            $20each
HP 2.5" Hard Drive Tray              $20each
HP 3.5" Hard Drive Tray              $20each

Lenovo 2.5" Hard Drive Tray       $20each
Lenovo 3.5" Hard Drive Tray       $20each

Dell 2.5" to 3.5" Adapter              $20each

​HP 2.5" to 3.5" Adapter                $20each

Xeon Processor

Xeon Processors
 Intel Xeon E5345  $20 each
 Intel Xeon X5355  $30 each
    Intel Xeon X5365  $50 each

Intel Xeon E5420 $10 each

Intel Xeon E5440 $20 each

Intel Xeon E5450 $30 each
 Intel Xeon E5504  $5 each
 Intel Xeon E5520  $5 each
  intel Xeon E5530  $10 each
  intel Xeon E5540   $20 each
  intel Xeon X5550   $25 each
  intel Xeon X5560   $30 each
  intel Xeon X5570   $40 each

  Intel Xeon X5620   $10 each
  intel Xeon E5645   $30 each
    intel Xeon X5650   $50 each
    intel Xeon X5660   $70 each

    intel Xeon X5680   $100 each

    Intel Xeon E5-1603  $50 each​

  Intel Xeon E5-1609 $50 each

    Intel Xeon E5-2640 $70 each
These Xeon Processor are for Servers and WorkStations

Prices are for Single Processor
does not work in regular Computers
We do not install
Working Pulled with 3 Months Replacement Warranty

Server Power Supply
Server Caddy
Server Rails
Server R Dimms

Server Memory:

2GB DDR2 PC5300F ECC FB RAM $5each
4GB DDR2 PC5300F ECC FB RAM $10each
8Gb DDR2 PC5300F ECC FB RAM $30each
4Gb DDR2 PC5300P ECC RAM      $10each

8Gb DDR2 PC5300P ECC RAM      $30each

2Gb DDR3 PC10600E ECC RAM     $10each
​4Gb DDR3 PC10600E ECC RAM     $20each

​8Gb DDR3 PC10600E ECC RAM     $50each
4GB DDR3 PC10600R ECC RAM    $10each
8Gb DDR3 PC10600R ECC RAM    $20each

16Gb DDR3 PC8500R ECC RAM     $50each
16Gb DDR3 PC10600R ECC RAM    $60each

These Dimms are for Servers and WorkStations
does not work in regular Computers
We do not install
Working Pulled with 90 Days Warranty

Server Processor
Server Parts
Server Railing Kit
Server Parts